How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Own Your Greatness!

The Impostor Syndrome Starter Bundle

In these 3 Pre-recorded digital workshops, (over 90 minutes of content) Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin will help you develop a plan for overcoming Impostor Syndrome. You'll learn the action steps to identify symptoms of Impostor Syndrome, and become empowered with the techniques that will help you begin to overcome it — so that you can enjoy the work-life and career you are worthy of.

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Fall 2022 Own Your Greatness Masterclass

What you'll get:

  • Accountability Partners – someone who knows how imposter syndrome works and has been there themselves so you can get advice that is actually helpful (instead of reinforcing self-doubt or unhealthy patterns)
  • A Proven Approach to Get Your Life & Career On Track – including hands-on support, videos, and practical exercises you can do on your own or with the support of the course community
  • Activities to Process and Catalogue Each Lesson You Learn
  • Additional Resources – journal prompts, calendars, and a variety of exercises to enhance your experience that are not included in the Own Your Greatness workbook
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