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Creating healthy work cultures can result in greater staff retention, less burnout, and ultimately improve your bottom line. 

Many work cultures are functioning with outdated models and this can affect staff performance and ultimately create an unhealthy workplace with high rates of burnout and low tolerance for innovation and adaptability.

This bonus chapter helps you to assess and build a firmer foundation for a healthy workplace. 

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  • Change can be effected within an organization both formally and informally— and that you have more power than you think.
  • How Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can benefit an organization—and know where to head if you want to start one.
  • How to advocate for psychological safety within an organization.
  • The importance of DEI to reducing impostor syndrome triggers from work environments.
  • Characteristics of both codependent and narcissistic organizational cultures.
  • Components that can facilitate healthy work cultures.
  • How to recognize the key organizational causes of burnout.
  • How organizations can effectively prevent and reduce burnout.
  • Burnout not as an individual issue but as a systemic issue.

And so much more...

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